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Tobias Pleines, Wolfsburg
113, VW 1200 Export
Body: 1953
Chassis: 1968
Burgundy Red L95
Convertible decklid, alloy T-Bars, US spec. Bubble Taillights, Lucas turn signals
VDO gauges, VDM steering wheel, 2 BF Torino Nürburgring bucket seats and doorpanels trimmed in leather/cloth, Simpson/TCI seatbelts, Hurst shifter, hydraulic handbrake, roll cage
VW oxyboxer, 2789ccm, WBX crankcase with milled-off water jackets, Bing oil suirter valves, 86mm Demello full-circle WBX crankshaft, rebushed (0.927”) 5.6” CB H-beam rods, 4” AA barrels, 4” Keith Black Icon flat-top pistons with valve pockets, Total Seal rings, compression ratio 11.5:1, custom J. Nowak camshaft, Magnum straight cut gears, 54g T. Pieper type 1 tool steel lifters in modified T. Pieper aluminium lifter bushings, KWR dual-taper aluminium pushrods, 1:1.4 Pauter billet ratio rockers, lightened 228mm flywheel with T. Pieper bolts, 228mm Sachs Performance pressure plate and disc, T. Pieper CNC oxyboxer cylinderheads, ported by Tobi, with Ampco seats, 48mm Schrick inlet valves, 39mm lightened and sodium filled Mercedes exhaust valves, Crower dual springs, custom-made titanium retainers by T. Pieper/Tobi, 50.5mm Italian Weber IDAs with 3.0mm Weber needle valves, CNC velocity stacks and 44mm JPM venturies on shortened CB Performance Competition Eliminator manifolds, stainless steel/aluminium Berg-style carb linkage, Mallory HyFire VI ignition box, Mallory Promaster coil, Mallory Pro Wire, Mallory Tach adaptor, Treuhaft “010” distributor with Mallory Unilite module, Summit Racing shiftlight, CSP WASP stage 2 header and muffler with V-Band and E-Vac connection, T. Pieper drysump pump with modified gears (38mm suction side, 30mm pressure side), aluminium drysump tank, modified Treuhaft drysump pulley for sandseal
Type 1, swing axle, Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential, HD aluminium side plate, steel shift forks, chromoly retainer, 4.125 ring and pinion, 1st gear: 3.78, 2nd gear: 2.21, 3rd gear: 1.58, 4th gear: 1.14 (1.-4. gear by FTC), HD SAW drive shafts, Rhino mounts, aluminium torque bars, mid-mount
Former 1968 automatic transmission IRS pan, modified for narrow swing axle setzp, 30 mm SAW torsion bars, adjustable HD SAW spring plates, Spax shocks, CB front beam 2" shortened, CB lowered spindles, 2 pairs of Caster Shims, Summit Racing Drag Shocks (70/30, 80/20, 90/10)
CSP discs, 5x205mm, vented on front end, punched and slotted, rear discs punched, CSP brake caliper, Hurst Line Lock
Race-trim: satin-gloss Centerlines, front end 3,5x15 with 135R15, rear end 6x15 with 26-6-15 M&H DOT-Slicks Street-trim: 5x15 Flat-Four MK2 BRMs, front end 155R15, rear end 185R15 Vredestein Sprint Classics
The export oval has been re-imported in 1990 from Sweden by a friend, who meanwhile passed away. After the restoration was almost finished, he sold the oval, still featuring the IRS pan, shortly before his death to Tobias' brother. He finished the restoration and installed 5.5 and 7 inch steel wheels and a vented Kerscher disc brake on the front end and built a heavily modified 1600 Type 1 with 40 IDF Webers for the car. He had the side panels painted in Ascotgrez metallic and glued trims to the then dechromed body. In this condition,Tobias bought the car in August 1998. During the next two years, he lowered the front end a little more, installed self-made stainless steel bumper-bars and put a Kerscher disc brake to the rear end, as well as fully polished 16 inch Fuchs wheels (6" and 7"). In Winter 2000/2001 Tobias changed the appearance to the traditional California Look. Three days before the Bug Show 2001 in Spa/Belgium the oval was on the road again
Best 1/4 mile ET:
12.489 seconds, September 2009 Rotenburg Race Days
VW Speed 1/01 (GER), Käfer Revue 1/04 (GER), Dragracer #11 (GER), Volksworld 11/02 (GB), Super VW Magazin 11/02 (F)
Thanks to:
Basti Laskowski
Björn Schewe
Christian Göhner
Dirk Göhner
Helge Ohmes
Jens Sterra
Peter Köhmann
Stephan Bangert
Thorsten Pieper
Udo Becker
VW Speed
Wilfried Wittkuhn
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